In and around Caledon Villa

Caledon Villa Guests

All our guests are special – everyone in his or her own way.
And some are special in a different way. How come?

  Our swallows
hey arrive from a cold northern hemisphere every summer and nest in their own favourite sunny guest house spot. Typically, they spread cheer and chirpiness where they go. During the day they depart for adventurous trips to all the beatifull places around the winelands, whereas nighttime will find them in the sidewalk cafes or in one of our excellent restaurants. When autumn arrives, they spend their last hours of sunlight in rows next to the pool to gather energy for the long trip home.

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Our finches
They fly in from all corners of the globe, bringing books and communication devices of all kinds. They use these to weave and unweave shared research and projects with the local university. They have our team up and running from very early in the morning. And at night they are the last ones in search of wifi vouchers or office assitance to complete their daily tasks.

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Our storks
They also arrive predominantly from the north on strong wings. In contrast to what you might expect, their luggage would typically include golf bags – not baby bags! They arrive for a well structured break, mostly progressing from green to green during the day. Tee-off times are carefully planned so not a single moment is wasted. As long as the ball does not miss the hole!

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