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A sparkling invitation

Our large swimming pool (9x5m) with hand railing for the elderly, provides relief during the hot summer months. This is the central part of our garden with sunny and shady patches. The salt water content ensures a healthy and bright condition of the filtered water.

We have a variety of reclining chairs and other facilities to provide in everyone’s need. Here we also serve tea, coffee and soft drinks.

At the back of the garden we exhibit a large rose quartz rock of about 1 ton, encircled by 30 water spouts. In the evening the play of light gives it a fairylike feeling. Rose quartz spreads the energy of love. The two animals depicted in mosaic, both visit our garden regularly. The chameleon is the symbol of wisdom and the need to change and adapt to new circumstances. The squirrel is the one to collect and care : the essence of being a guest house!



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