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Cultural Links

Huguenot Society of SA

This very active cultural society is special to us in Caledon Villa. The reasons ?

[a] Ode - a Huguenot descendant through the family Naudé - has been involved as member on the Council of the Society as well as being the Editor of its annual Bulletin. In 1988 the commemoration of the arrival of the Huguenots took place and for this occation a booklet was published with the title The Huguenots 1688 - 1988 by Ode Krige. She was also responsible for collaborating with the SA composer Hubert du Plessis in writing the libretto for the Huguenot Cantate.

[b] Johan - as the keen genealogist - is well aware of the fact that his first four maternal ancestors were all of Huguenot descent : three De Villiers' and one Joubert.



Almost all our grandchildren were baptised in the Dutch Reformed Church of Stellenbosch - they being in the tenth consecutive generation of our family which has been members of this specific congregation. That we feel deeply involved and part of Moederkerk, stems from this historical link but as much from our religious convictions in the Christian Faith. This inspires us to participate in some of the many activities which are the visible manifestation of an expanding congregation.

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Caledon Villa is a member of this Association mainly because we support efforts to strengthen the co-operation between the Netherlands and the RSA. Even more so when it comes to the historical und cultural ties between these countries.

We have direct contact with individual members of the NZAV in Amsterdam. Some years ago we took the initiative to compile a data base of guest houses in SA with a typical local accent and understanding. This enables one to select accommodation somewhere in the countryside where the owners are really indigenous to the region and could share their knowledge with their guests.

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Caledon Villa has been an active member of this non-profitable organization. Less privileged young people are offered the support to further their studies at a tertiary institution. Applications and interviews are dealt with by Studytrust.

After selecting the candidate and awarding the bursary, the process of personal guidance and encouragement starts and will be continued until the final examinations have been completed. This mentorship approach by Studytrust ensures that the donors feel assured that the best end-results are attained with the available funds. 

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This family association was established in 1976 with Johan as the chairman. Since then he was and still is the driving force behind this successful family organization.

The aim is purely to enhance the interest in family history amongst all the age groups of the wider family. This objective is achieved by the following actions :

  • Regular family gatherings and newsletters
  • Family symbols : coat of arms, archive and museum.
  • Creating and running a family website.
  • Administering the family tomb in Stellenbosch.

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