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Short historical review

In the heart of our historic university town rises the arched gable of Caledon Villa with three unique urns carefully placed in harmony with the other mural decorations : a declared national monument.

Today this splendid Edwardian villa is an established Stellenbosch guest house with antique furniture and heirlooms from the Krige family who were the original owners of the house. Caledon Villa was built in 1910 by the Reverend Koos Krige as his retirement house. For 30 years he served as minister in the parish of the town Caledon. When the family moved back to his home town, the younger children were still students at the local university and therefore the house was designed with many rooms. Some years after his death his widow sold the house and it became the property of another family.

Koos and Lenie Krige were parents of seven sons and four daughters. Amongst their rugby-playing sons was the legendary Japie Springbok and amongst their grandchildren were the famous poet Uys and artist Fran├žois.

In 1992 Johan and Ode Krige - members of the same family clan who had been living in Stellenbosch for nine generations - bought this villa back into the family. It is therefore fitting that both the family archive and family museum of this very traditional Stellenbosch family are kept here.

Photo: Reverend Koos Krige and his family from Caledon (1901) 

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