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Ode's Domain

Ode is the artist in the house : violinist, painter, poet and author. But she is also the collector of precious pieces!


Porcelain is frozen music

Somewhere in the attic of Caledon Villa you will find her Porcelain Room. Even entering this small chamber is unusual: you have to bend low due to the small door opening. But once inside ….. you are in the dream world of little girls and grandmothers. Porcelain pieces and dolls are displayed in beautiful wooden cabinets. This is Ode’s realm.

She has reference books to identify her 200 collector’s pieces – mostly from Europe and more specifically from the area around the Thüringen Forest. Since 1992 she has often visited these eastern parts of Germany and her collection and insight broadened with the years. The average age of the dolls is around 100 years.

Porcelein dolls_finaal


Ode studied at the Universities of Stellenbosch and Cologne, Germany. Her Master’s thesis was based on the art work of the Ndzunza tribe in SA. During her field work she collected items which were genuinely in use – not made for tourists ! This took place in the early 1960's in Mpumalanga and in Ovamboland.

Examples of fine beadwork and ceremonial dress of the Ndzunza are exhibited alongside Bushmen items from Namibia and bronze figures from Benin.

Antropologie beeld_Finaal    ok finaal     Antropologie kas_finaal

Oil Paintings

Ode inherited an interest in Art from her Weiss parents.

For those interested in art, a tour of the house will reveal examples of well-known South African artists of the past. Having talents ranging from painting and writing to music, it gives her great pleasure to discuss related topics with interested guests.


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